Board of Directors

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The Board of Directors is comprised of 20 constituencies representing all the partners of the partnership. A Board member and an alternate Board member represent each constituency. Board members serve for 3 years.


The Board of Directors meets face-to-face generally twice a year to review progress and make strategic decisions. Other meetings may also be held throughout the year as needed. See all Board meetings below, including documents circulated and decisions made.


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Date Type Reference Decision Background documents
April 2024 Affirmative vote BOD/AV/2024/04-02 Allocation of system transformation grant to Burundi
April 2024 Affirmative vote BOD/AV/2024/04-01 Allocation of system transformation grant to Mauritania
April 2024 Non-objection BOD/NO/2024/04-01 Multiplier grant to Angola
March 2024 Non-objection BOD/NO/2024/03-02 Multiplier grant to Cambodia
March 2024 Non-objection BOD/NO/2024/03-04 System transformation and Girls’ Education Accelerator grants. Ethiopia
March 2024 Affirmative vote BOD/AV/2024/03-01 Allocation of grants to Lesotho
March 2024 Non-objection BOD/NO/2024/03-03 System transformation and Girls’ Education Accelerator grants. Somaliland
February 2024 Non-objection BOD/NO/2024/02-02 Grants to the Federal Government of Somalia
February 2024 Affirmative vote BOD/AV/2024/02-09 Allocation of grants to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
February 2024 Affirmative vote BOD/AV/2024/02-10 Allocation of grants to Balochistan, Pakistan
February 2024 Affirmative vote BOD/AV/2024/02-08 Allocation of system transformation grant to Djibouti
February 2024 Affirmative vote BOD/AV/2024/02-11 Allocation of grants to Mozambique
February 2024 Affirmative vote BOD/AV/2024/02-12 Allocation of system transformation grant to Tuvalu
February 2024 Affirmative vote BOD/AV/2024/02-13 Allocation of system transformation grant to FS Micronesia
February 2024 Affirmative vote BOD/AV/2024/02-14 Allocation of system transformation grant to Samoa


Three committees support the Board in fulfilling its functions in a strategic, transparent and efficient manner.

Executive Committee: carries out specific administrative functions and decisions as delegated by the Board, performs an advisory role to the Chief Executive Officer, both on general matters and specifically about recommendations to the Board on forthcoming grant application approvals, and monitors adequacy and implementation of GPE’s governance and ethics policies.

Mandate | Members | Chair: Susan Liautaud

Finance and Risk Committee: provides advice to the Board to ensure that resources are being managed efficiently, effectively and consistently with GPE's mission, goals, objectives and policies; oversees risk management practices and financial management and audit arrangements of GPE.

Mandate | Members | Chair: Nesmy Manigat

Performance, Impact and Learning Committee: monitors and oversees GPE’s performance, impact and learning, with a dedicated focus on results and based on data and evidence. This committee also oversees the implementation of GPE’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework and champions GPE’s engagement in wider global education initiatives.

Mandate | Members | Chair: Judith Herbertson