Doterra essential oils reviews

There are many Doterra oils reviews online but I feel that this one is the most concise and informative so the reader can make an informed decision

Doterra essential oils reviewsJust about any MLM business can have a colossal stream of cashflow when starting up almost solely by being a new network marketing company, but to have any real staying power, and really make your distributors’ job a lot simpler, is to truly market a product that is good. (In this case the Doterra oils reviews from people that use the products are very positive). You must have a product people want to pay money for, at a price people would be okay to throw money down for, even if it didn’t have a home business connected to it.

If you are reading this Doterra oils review article, the chances are you’re investigating Doterra for one of two reasons:

  1. You’re interested in mainly buying the product and you’re interested know about Doterra Oils and Their Uses as well as seeing how it stacks up next to competing products, and/or…
  2. You are wanting to become a Doterra distributor and you want to read a Doterra oils review to see if this is an opportunity you could put your name behind.

Either way, this is the right place to be.

What is it?

DoTerra’s main product is a lineup of therapeutic grade essential oils, the highest grade available for essential oils and related wellness products.

What it does?

Therapeutic grade essential oils can be used in a variety of ways, from relaxation with aromatherapy, helping with soothing skin when mixed with bath water, and there have even been third-party reports from consumers where it has helped take pain away where traditional, and often more expensive, treatment has failed.

Competitor product comparison

There is lots of competition in the essential oils marketplace that have oils that are also therapeutic grade. So, even if Doterra sincerely does have a superior product, they have a lot of noise to contend with. However, in 2016 they have managed to take the 2nd slot in the MLM top 20 which is a great achievement considering they have only been in business since 2008.

What are the prices vs competitors prices?

For the 15ml bottles, depending on the oil, they can range from the reasonable ($15) to the costly ($100) and everything in between. In product comparisons, Doterra’s therapeutic grade essential oils can sometimes have a price tag of an average of 2-3x the cost of competitors’ products. With that said, Doterra has incentive programs in place to provide some significant discounts. In some cases the price cut can be significant. Doterra, like many MLM products previous to it, say the increased cost is because of the higher quality, concentration, and purity of the product. I’m not saying this is not valid; I have actually heard a good amount of wonderful Doterra oils reviews from people who are now using Doterra oils.

Doterra essential oils reviews Final thoughts

There are 3 major pieces that any company has to have so its reps can have a real chance in the super competitive playing field of network marketing, in addition to the competing domain that company’s product competes in:

  1. A great reputation that is based on giving value as opposed to propaganda.
  2. A product that has genuine value outside of a business opportunity.
  3. A prospecting system that can produce a rush of eager leads banging down your door & calling you directly, credit card out, set to join up with your organization.

From what I have found during this Doterra oils review, while it’s only started in 2008, this company handled the first two requirements. It has rectified whatever grievances customers had promptly, the presentations of the product are based far more on educating the customer instead of trying to hype it to the ninth degree, and the product really is something people would and do pay money for everyday without a home based business attached to it. On the other hand, one key piece it’s missing is a way to successfully attract leads to you. It doesn’t matter how good a product or business is, the cold truth is around 97% of reps pounding the pavement are doomed to fail building a Doterra business without this basic part. Once you can do that, and team up with a veteran leader to show you through this necessary process, there is no limit to how far you can go in your Doterra business.

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