How to become a Doterra consultant in 2018

Here are the instructions on how to become a Doterra rep for only 35$ with a free online shop and no monthly fee

Doterra products are a range of high quality essential oils, essential oil supplements as well as essential oil slimming aids, that are sold on a philosophy of natural living. This philosophy has become an anthem to millions of people in today’s world that are looking for a healthier lifestyle regarding personal care and wellness.

Become a Doterra rep

Doterra has already a strong presence in North America, Europe, Oceania, Latin America and Asia and continues to expand due to the attractiveness of its product line and to the wide variety of resources available. The Doterra distributors get the word out about living a healthy lifestyle with the support of essential oils and related essential oil products and while doing so earn extra money to support their families and help achieve their dreams of a better life.

If you don’t already know about Doterra therapeutic-grade oils, I would suggest that you get to know them now, because it is one of the best business opportunities available online at the moment.

The history of Doterra essential oils

  • Doterra started trading in 2008
  • Doterra is a stable and reliable opportunity
  • Doterra is a debt free company with no outside funding
  • Doterra’s method of trading is MLM or direct sales using distributors that work independently from home

How to become a Doterra consultant

The great thing about Doterra oils is that it has a massive impact on our wellness and overall health as well as being a great way to make money. In my opinion and after many months of research before joining Doterra I realised that in the MLM industry, they are the only game in town. The fact is there are only a few companies doing as well and creating great earnings in the MLM wellness / essential oil industry so finding the best company is very important, if you want to work just a few hours a week.

In regards to the Doterra products, there has never been more of a perfect time to get involved with high quality essential oils in an international market that is hungry for high quality, safe, and pure natural wellness products.

What are Doterra essential oils?

Doterra essential oils are natural compounds found in various parts of plants, which give plants not only their fragrance but also their immunity, which is the root of their wellness capabilities for humans. Using Doterra essential is a great way to enhance your personal well-being such a skin care, health care, weight loss and also every part of your life including homemade cleaning products using essential oils.

To become a Doterra rep read the simple enrolment instructions below

  1. Click here to be directed to the Doterra distributor enrollment page!
  2. Next choose the your language and country
  3. Fill in your details
    • Name and address
    • Choose a Password
    • Agree to the terms and conditions
    • Enroller ID and Sponsor ID is: 930175
  4. Choose your kit (there are many prices available)
    • Basic business package and enrollment fee: 35$
    • Note: If you purchase a products enrollment kit the enrollment fee is waived
  5. All packages includes a free webshop, back office and no monthly fee
  6. Click Continue
  7. Pay for your order

In a few minutes you will receive an email welcoming from Doterra and access to your Doterra Wholesale Membership.

Doterra distributor

If you choose the 35$ basic Doterra distributor business package you will get:

  • Unlimited earning potential
  • High retention rate (65%)
  • 25% off all Doterra Products as a wellness advocates
  • Free webshop to market your Doterra business
  • Free back office to manage your Doterra business
  • No monthly fee
  • Finally, you are able to sponsor new Doterra distributor / distributors and receive bonuses on their sales and of course if they sponsor someone, from their sales also.
  • Plus, you get support and experience of your sponsor, which is me.

For more information about Doterra, their product and their business opportunity – Click here and receive a Free Doterra Guide

However, the next stage is to make a decision to become a Doterra rep or not. If you decide to join Doterra it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make, so make your choice today!