How to start a Doterra business

Starting a Doterra business has never been so easy, that is why I am so excited you want to start your own Doterra business

Doterra enrollment kitsYou can be assured that creating your new business or incorporating Doterra with your existing business will allow you to align with your core values and provide high-quality and life changing products to those you serve.

By joining my team, you will be joining one of the fastest-growing teams in Doterra.

I am looking to add a few key partners to build a business with Doterra and train them on how best build their business and/or incorporate with their existing Doterra business model to help change lives of others as well as their own.

The sort of people that are starting a Doterra business:

Health coaches, doctors, chiropractors, nurses, massage therapists, nutritionists, dentists, and other healthcare providers looking to provide additional value and natural solutions to clients

  • Yoga instructors and owners looking to create additional revenue (ask me about creative class offerings)
  • Personal trainers interested in additional offerings for clients to assist in recovery and stress reduction
  • Health, wellness, food, and fashion bloggers who want an additional stream of income that they can incorporate into their existing blog
  • Entrepreneurs looking to launch a new venture
  • Anyone who is a self-starter and driven and interested to know how to start a Doterra business

 How does it work?

Here’s How:

  • Fam Wellness KitI will personally place people under you to help grow your business
  • I will teach you how to teach classes and promote & sell essential oils and products
  • By joining my team, you’ll have access to hundreds of dollars worth of free training
  • You will receive community support at all times, including access to private Facebook groups, daily calls, leadership programs and 24/7 personal support from me and other team members
  • Refer people you know and people you don’t know to receive commissions (how you do that will be apart of the training later)
  • encourage other people to build in the company as you are
  • earn an extra $200, $1,000, $10,000, or $45,000+ more a month

Benefits of starting a Doterra business:

  • 25% discount on all products
  • up to 30% back on all orders, meaning if you have a $100 order, you’ll get $30 toward the next month
  • a community that wants to see you succeed
  • a group of men and women to talk to for support and advice

Requirements of starting a Doterra business:

  • must be self-motivated
  • must be willing to build your team
  • must start with Doterra enrollment kits
  • must devote time each week to building your team and promoting Doterra’s products

Earning Potential of starting a Doterra business

How to start a Doterra business

Step By Step instructions to starting a Doterra business:

1. To sign up, Click here and select the option for “Wellness Advocate”

2. Fill out all of the information

3. My enroller / sponsor ID is 930175

4. Accept the terms and conditions.

5. Choose one of the Doterra enrollment kits

For business builders, I highly recommend one of the product enrollment kits.

6. Shoot me an email at info at letting me know you enrolled and would like to build your own business or PM me and I will get back to you asap……