How to use a Doterra business cards

DoTerra Business cards are being increasing overlooked as effect ways of growing businesses.

Websites, email lists and social media like Twitter and Facebook are increasingly being used as Doterra sales tools and consequently being seen as more effective ways of increasing turnover and revenue. However, the Doterra business cards remain critical to most businesses though and it is always possible to update yours to give your business and new lease of life. This article examines some of ways that you can make your Doterra business cards more effective.

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Are You Giving It To The Right People?

You must identify your target market and network strongly to make your business a success. The Doterra wellness advocate business cards are a small part of this and can help you accelerate business growth only if you give them to the right people. If you already have great Doterra business cards, re-think the types of events you attend and consider a business

 consultant to help you strategize your networking efforts. Adopt a ‘less-is-more’ approach and only give your Doterra essential oil business cards to people you feel are strong potential DoTerra customers or clients.

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Does Your Doterra business cards Contain The Right Information?

Your Doterra business cards should have an online fax number so you can receive faxes into your email box at anytime. As faxes are the only form of printed signatures permissible in courts apart from the originals, clients who are serious about contacting you will always use fax. Any computer or smartphone is able to double it up as a fax machine and so having a fax number on your card can be a real advantage. You just login to your account at your fax-to-email provider’s website to retrieve the fax at your convenience. Being able to respond to your customers in a timely fashion is highly critical for business success. Make sure you have a fax number on your Doterra business cards; when customers see it they’ll take you more seriously and it will put your business into a different class.

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Could You Improve Your Doterra business cards Design?

Trends are always changing and just because you paid a graphic designer a lot of money to design you a Doterra business cards ten years ago doesn’t mean that the font still conveys the same message. Fonts get old and can start looking tired as people’s ideas about style and fashion are constantly evolving. Use a free online card design program or consult a graphic designer to update the font on your card. Your must convey the right message to improve your networking success.

Taking The Next Steps

The cost of having your Doterra business cards professionally designed and printed is a good investment for your business. Most design shops have sample books you can browse though, but a designer will be able to match the style, font and substance of your Doterra flyers or business cards to your unique business philosophy. Many great online sites will help you design your Doterra flyers and cards for free, like Zazzle, for example and some sites like Elance will even let you order free cards if you pay shipping. While great, these free options are unlikely to deliver much success unless you research widely into the best style and font available to help deliver your message.

However, if you are on a budget but you still want to give the right image the Doterra flyers are a great investment, they give all the information the customer or future consultant need and it look professional and stylish.

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