How to order Doterra oils as a wellness advocate

Once you have decided to become a Doterra consultant the next stage is to open your Doterra order form and make an order

Doterra order formTo be able to purchase Doterra products the first thing you need to do is create a Doterra account and become a Doterra distributor, a Doterra Wholesale customer or a Doterra retail customer.

What is a Doterra consultant membership?

  • Doterra membership is a system where Doterra offers product through a yearly wholesale membership.
  • The membership fee is 35$, 20€, £25 or 50 AUD depending where you live in the world.
  • An Independent Product Consultant will receive additional benefits from being a Doterra consultant such as free products.

What are the benefits of become a Doterra independent Product Consultant

  • Doterra Cost to Sign Up is very low at 35$, 20€, £25 or 50 AUD
  • No monthly fees and Low or no overheads
  • Free webshop to market your Doterra business
  • Free back office to manage your Doterra business
  • 25% off all Doterra Products for wellness advocates and wholesale customers
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • High retention rate (65%)
  • Product sales are independent of opportunity
  • Doterra is a stable and reliable opportunity
  • Doterra is a debt free company with no outside funding
  • You can work from home or anywhere you like
  • No inventory
  • Residual Income opportunity
  • No cold-calling
  • Online Training materials and business tools
  • No rejections

Is there a Doterra renewal fee?

  • After becoming a Doterra Consultant, the yearly renewal fee for a Doterra membership is 20$, 15€ or £15
  • This renewal fee comes with a free bottle of Peppermint oil, one of the most popular oils Doterra offers.

How to order Doterra oils as a Doterra consultant

  1. Click hereDoterra wholesale order form
  2. Choose your language and country
  3. Choose “Wellness Advocate” which means you are asking to be a Doterra consultant
  4. Fill in your details
  5. Enroller and Sponsor ID number is: 930175
  6. Click continue
  7. Pay your enrollment fee (Basic enrollment fee is 35$, 20€, £25 or 50 AUD however you can purchase a product enrollment kit and then the basic enrollment fee is waived by going to your Doterra wholesale order form)

How to fill in your Doterra wholesale order form

  1. How to order Doterra oilsLog into your Virtual Office and consult the Doterra wholesale product list (it should take you straight to the Doterra shop)
  2. If this is your first time go to the LRP order section of the Doterra wholesale order form on the right hand side of the page
  3. Choose your Doterra products (I would suggest 125 PV to get the most out of your order and to gain Loyalty Reward points)
  4. Fill in your shipping address and your bill address
  5. Fill in your payment details
  6. Create a confirmation email
  7. Choose which shipping options you wish such as premium or standard depending how fast you want your order delivered
  8. Click continue and confirm your Doterra customer order form

Once you have completed your Doterra order form you will receive a confirmation email from Doterra confirming your and then within 24-48 hours you will receive and email tell you that your order has been sent.

If you would like to learn more about becoming an Independent Product Consultant, the benefits listed above, or how to order Doterra oils Click here, and I will contact you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have….

Author: travmies

My name is Steve Jackson and I am a Doterra Consultant. I have been in the MLM and home business industry for many years. If you are considering starting a home based business, Doterra would be a good choice because Doterra is 2nd in the MLM top 20, which is amazing since they only started in 2008. The starting cost is just 35$, which includes a free webshop, back office and no monthly fees. For a free Doterra presentation go to:

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